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The HFClock TM represents the industry’s first highly integrated clock designed for use by amateur radio operators. The clocks feature Wi-Fi based Internet connectivity, a full-color WVGA Liquid Crystal Display with touchscreen, and the real-time display of numerous data expressly for the amateur radio operator.

The clocks utilize the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which is intended to synchronize all participating computers to within a few milliseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). NTP can usually maintain time to within tens of milliseconds over the public Internet and can achieve better than one millisecond accuracy in local area networks under ideal conditions.

Users simply configure the clock to connect to their Wi-Fi router, enter their call sign/name and home position (DE), and select how they prefer units to be displayed, Imperial or Metric. Additionally, the user may optionally select a satellite to track in real-time. Once configured, the user may further customize colors to be used for their call sign or name. New firmware updates may be installed via Wi-Fi at the discretion of the user.

The clocks are available with 7” and 9” LCD’s and users may select from furniture-grade hand-finished Walnut, Cherry, and Tiger Maple (shown above) wooden frames. 5” LCD versions and plastic frames are available via special order. For those users who would prefer to provide their own display a Raspberry Pi® version is also available. The HFClocks have been designed by amateur radio operators WB0OEW and N2TBN for radio operators. They are robust in construction and designed for many years of continuous service.

The clocks may be hung on a wall, placed on the desktop, or otherwise displayed at your station, home, or office. Start your journey by exploring our hand-finished time pieces made right here in the USA.

HFClock Flyer

HFClock Controls and Symbols

HFClock Firmware Revision History

HFClock 1850-9x Instruction Manual

HFClock 1850-RP Instruction Sheet

HFClock 1850-TEMP-01 Sensor Installation Instruction Sheet

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